As a wholly owned division of ned, maude, todd & rod Inc., IPmart benefits from the financial resources and strategic investments of its parent company. Leveraging ned’s investment, IPmart is empowered to pursue its ambitious goal: the creation of a genuine asset class centred around patents. Given the expansive nature of our vision, which aims to revolutionize the perception and utilization of patents, we eagerly anticipate forging partnerships and securing financing to propel us forward on this transformative journey. We believe that collaboration with like-minded investors and partners will be instrumental in realizing our shared objective and unlocking the full potential of patents as valuable assets in the modern business landscape.


IPmart is a crucial part of a broader vision to elevate patents into a genuine asset class. At its core lies technology, the foundation of innovation. Investing in IPmart isn’t just about the present; it’s a strategic move towards the future of intellectual property management. It signifies a commitment to unlocking the untapped potential within patents, paving the way for new opportunities and advances. IPmart represents a shift towards a future where patents aren’t just legal instruments but dynamic assets shaping industries and driving innovation.


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