Method and Catalyst for Methane Conversion to Cyclohexane WO2023/028705

Method and Catalyst for Methane Conversion to Cyclohexane

Cyclohexane is an important intermediary in nylon production.  Today, it is produced from benzene, which is produced from petroleum feedstocks.  Methane is seen as an interesting alternate feedstock for cyclohexane and, in turn, nylon.  But, it is indicated that “ … the inertness of C-H bonds which require a large activation energy”.  

A catalyst for moderate temperature production of cyclohexane from methane is presented.  The instant catalyst comprises Platinum (Pt) clusters on Gallium Nitride (GaN), Zinc Oxide (ZnO) or Gallium Oxide (Ga2O3).  In one example Pt clusters are formed on >95% GaN particles, where the Pt represents between 0.75 and 4.5 weight % of the catalyst.  Further, the clusters are said to comprise up to 10 Pt atoms and have a dimeter less than 2 nm.  In one example, the Pt clusters are fabricated using wet chemistry.  

In at least one case a batch reactor was used, where the catalyst was formed on the reactor walls.  That said, use of a continuous reactor are discussed. Good results were provided by a 1 weight % Pt / GaN catalyst operating at 300 oC.  Produced hydrocarbons were approximately 89% cyclohexane.  


The Royal Institution For The Advancement of Learning/ McGill University


Publication date:

2023/03/09 (WO)



Li, Chao-jun

Tan, Lida




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WO2016/183678: Solar energy harvesting and reversible hydrogen storage methods and systems


WO2023/077218: Photocatalysts, preparation and use thereof (pending)


WO/2024/020685: Photoinduced oxidation of methane to oxygenates (pending)

Analyst Comment:


Many aspects of the instant catalyst are intriguing.  Beyond, the potential use of methane stocks for an industrial chemical, the moderate temperature of 300 oC suggests concentrated solar and thermal solar technologies are of interest as a heat source. Second, the reaction produces hydrogen.  This, could either be a source of hydrogen, means of storing energy or energy source in intermittent solar conditions.  Many possibilities within renewable energy

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… finds relationships. We ask what are complimentary & competitive technologies?  Here, numerous areas of renewable energy come into play with the disclosed moderate temperature reaction … besides the catalyst and reactor.

Technology Tree

Where am I? Catalysts are key to making many industrial reactions possible and feasible.  As in many cases the current catalyst includes a noble metal.  In this case th Platinum is in the form of  nano-clusters.


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