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IPmart is a centralized patent marketplace. We see patents differently. We see much more than a number. We see what an inventor sees, technology. Then, we look around; we look at the technology landscape surrounding a patent. This landscape is continually evolving. It is dynamic. Fitting the patent into this dynamic world brings it to life.

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IPmart takes a new and much needed approach to marketing patents.  Their platform provides a dynamic picture of the context around a patent which is key to understanding  where it fits in today’s world,  creating interest and allowing buyers to more easily find and see value.

– Derek Nuhn, IP Research Group

IPmart: the place where patents come to life.


dry, dry and dry

Years ago I worked at a very large IP law firm here in Ottawa.  Every spring it hosted a professional dinner where one of the recently retired or senior partners would give an after dinner speech.  One year this speech was given by a partner that just retired due to illness.  My impression: he felt […]

Welcome to IPmart!

IPmart markets patents.      Marketing is all about generating interest.  Since every patent details a bit of technology generating interest in a patent requires insight into the technology.  So, IPmart starts at the technology! Others might give you a patent number and Title, or cut & paste Abstracts from a Patent Office, or provide […]

Real life IP, technology and patent reviews

Discussions around the innovation economy and Intellectual Property (IP) are trending and ongoing.  In Canada the discussion usually touches on a shift to intangible assets; to an economy based on what is in our minds, rather than what is in the ground. Some talk about “innovative IP strategy”;  some want to fund “IP-rich” companies and […]

Part Three: Perception

The discussion of Canadian Innovation and Intellectual Property (IP) is ongoing.  The goals are lofty and admirable: spurring-on innovation; inspiring inventors; improving patent value; improving Canadian competitiveness; and retaining the spoils of our innovation.  There is considerable ground to cover. A central part of this will be changing the perception of patents, and patent ownership […]


Cellarized Metal and Method of Making

Metal foams are interesting, engineered materials. Like other foams the structure is largely air. The large number of cell walls …


Acoustic Response Control System

Excessive underwater sound generated by marine vessels has implications for both the environment and national security.


System and Method for Grid Operating Systems in Electrical Power Systems

Smart grid combines intelligent monitoring, communication and control to manage and optimize power distribution with lower cost …